Our New Venue!

by Lauren O'Brien in

When things seem wrong, we make it into a right! In this case, our venue experienced some unexpected issues with town zoning and we had to go back to what seemed like square one. We can't have a Wifey For Life workshop without a location!

So what did we learn here? Why it's so important to hire a planner! When the venue shut down, it was devastating because we had built such a strong relationship and hype for the event. It was also a major curveball because of how many sponsors, guests, and plans we already had set in stone for the date. Thankfully, we tapped into our network and immediately our contacts went into full search mode to help us relocate. We were absolutely amazed how quickly a new venue landed in our lap, booked, ready, and stunning.

It really was a group effort for the Lauren O. team and out Wifey For Life Sponsors alike. Even the caterer for the event got involved to help pull together our beautiful new spot with less than a month from June 4th, our workshop date. This last minute change speaks volumes for the importance of working with professionals. The transparency of both our previous venue, our fellow vendors, and the integrity of the event depend on it. 


Without further delay, we introduce: Silver Oak Mystic!

Silver Oak Mystic

This stunning venue offers our dream collaboration of rustic charm and modern styling. The space evokes the passion of fine craftsmanship and elegance of Napa Valley, CA. 

Approaching the main entrance, you will be greeted by a classic stone wall enclosing our pergola and patio area. All of the stonework in and around the clubhouse is original from the farmhouse. Upon walking into the building you can’t miss the impressive twenty-foot, hand-built stonework encasing the chimney and mantle area surrounding the fireplace. The variance in color that gives each stone its rare look harkens back to the more than 225 years of fires they were seasoned from. Much of the original woodwork from the farmhouse can be seen throughout Silver Oak including the large hand cut beams that surround the main entrance and bar, to the reclaimed wood on the walls and custom built farmhouse tables. We have created a truly exceptional gathering area that incorporates old world charm mixed with modern innovation, including our state of the art sound system and lighting, as well as the little touches such as the 25-year-old cabernet vine hanging above the fireplace which was brought in from Cakebread Vineyard, one of Megan’s favorites.
— Silver Oak Mystic
Silver Oak Mystic
Silver Oak Mystic